Twins Stream Ripper

Twins Stream Ripper 2.0

This program lets you record your favorite music from online radio stations
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Twins Software, Inc.

Twins Stream Ripper is a simple program that will let you record your favorite music from online radio stations in MP3 format.
Using the program is very easily. You need to copy the web stream address of your favorite station, select the output folder where your music will be recorded, and press the "get stream" button .

Furthermore, you can set additional settings. The program can stop recording after a certain period of time, or a specific number of megabytes. Or, if you desire, the program will not stop recording music until you stop it manually.

The program also allows the creation of scheduled tasks. Thus, in this way, you can record your favorite radio programs automatically on a specific time and date. This feature is very flexible, and it allows the creation of several tasks.

Another interesting feature is that you can save a list of your favorite radio stations. You can even browse through new radio stations without opening your Internet browser.

One last feature that I liked, is that the program even lets you record a separate file for each song that is played on the radio. Although, as it depends on the radio station, overlapping may occur.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Raelly easy to use
  • Can record songs in separated files
  • May be configured to record a certain number of minutes or megabytes


  • The program does not work properly if Winamp is not installed
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